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What differentiates OFP from other Training Programs?


How many Voice Fellows are in the program? 


What is the language of instruction?


What opportunities have alumni received from OFP Introductions & Auditions? 


How is Tuition Determined?


Does OFP Provide Accommodation?


If I am offered a contract from my OFP house audition, does OFP take a percentage?


Other Questions? Just ask! 

OFP's unique program model differentiates our program in four specific ways:         

  1. Individualized 1:1  training with an A- Level house team

  2. Concierge House Auditions for principal role consideration

  3. Solo Performance with full orchestra

  4. Training in the artists native language (EN, DE, RUS, CZ, IT, or FR)

Compare additional program details with the link below.

OFP will have 18 Voice Fellows engaged in the 2018 Fest. 

#TeamOFP speaks and offers translation in over SIX LANGUAGES.

OFP is proud to be a truly internationally program of diverse artists. While the primary language of instruction is English, if admitted to OFP based on artistic merit we will accommodate translation as needed. In 2017 & 2018 we provided instruction in Russian, German, Czech, French, Italian and English to participants.

Great question! Multiple contracts have been awarded to OFP Alumni as a result of OFP introductions and house auditions. Our alumni page linked below has updates from alumni, and we invite you to follow us on Facebook where new contracts are announced first! 

The OFP Team is committed to providing a superior level of training, and an artist experience unique only to OFP. We work closely with our sponsors to keep tuition fees at a minimum. In addition, we are also pleased to offer scholarship assistance based on merit to select Voice Fellows.

As a 501c3 tuition payments are Tax-Deductible to the extent allowed by law.

OFP’s training is exclusively individual, and we engage active A-Level house collaborators only. OFP does not have any student collaborators, or retired industry personnel.

Housing accommodation is not provided, however there are many reasonably priced options within walking distance to Kaiserstein Palace where rehearsals are held. This central location allows artists to select accommodations in a budget and location that best meets their needs.

Great Question. OFP does not take a commission or receive payment of any kind for contracts offered to Voice Fellows. Casting is at the discretion of the participating theater, and negotiations for any resulting contracts occur between the artist and the opera house directly. 

If you have other questions about the Opernfest or the application process, we are happy to help. Please use the link below to send us a message in EN, DE, RUS, IT, FR or CZ, and we look forward to speaking with you. 

Email: OpernfestPrague@gmail.com
Phone: +1 (312) 405 - 5406