Taeeun Moon, Opernfest Prague


Opernfest Prague is a uniquely individualized program, offering training, performance with full orchestra, and professional development opportunities to international soloists.

Previously, young artists had two options when selecting a training program, 1) Programs which offer performance opportunities without vocal training, or 2) Training programs without performance opportunities. This limited training structure left many artists ill equipped to advance on international stages. 

With this in mind, OFP created a new model to address the multifaceted needs of international soloists. OFP's central focus is individualized training, and our ability to offer introductions to houses that have professional contract opportunities available. All Voice Fellows work 1:1 with a stage director, conductor and language consultant on their solo repertoire, and conclude the fest with a solo performance accompanied by full orchestra.

OFP is the only program of its kind where singers have the potential to be offered house contracts directly from their fest participation. 

Separate from the house auditions, every Voice Fellow will make an international concert house debut at the historic Severočeské divadlo during the Fest.

This unique, and customized training experience allows Voice Fellows to bring superior artistry, and stylistically nuanced performances to the stage, thereby bridging the transition from 'Professional Opera Student', to ‘Professional Opera Singer’. Learn more about the pillars of the OFP program below.

Andrew Hiers, Opernfest Prague


Opernfest Prague engage's a diverse team of A-House artists on our faculty, and all singers work directly with each 1:1. OFP does not engage any musical assistants, student collaborators, or retired industry professionals. All faculty are actively engaged Conductors, Directors, and Language Consultants from A-Level houses.

OFP's unique training model prepares the artist for the stage in the most comprehensive manner, by addressing each singer’s complete performance. OFP's training expertly targets the vocal, stylistic, and dramatic details that are often considered the deciding factors in international casting.



OFP is privileged to have exclusive relationships with some of Prague’s top house General Directors. Voice Fellows will receive a minimum of 2 house auditions during the program, auditioning directly for the decision makers of these houses.

OFP is the only program of its kind where singers have the potential to be offered house contracts directly from their fest participation. 

Allysa Packard, Opernfest Prague


A key distinction of OFP is our focus on solo repertoire, and the opportunity for Voice Fellow's to perform a piece of their choosing with full orchestra.

All Voice Fellows receive professional HD video recording and
still-photos of their performance. 



A fundamental component of the OFP program is fostering long term professional relationships and collaboration, and improved access to professional opportunities after OFP.   

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With so many international programs available to artists, differentiating them can be a challenge. We invite all prospective singers to compare OFP to other programs and speak to alumni about their OFP experience. Follow us on Facebook to be first to hear alumni updates and new contract announcements!